Living from microstock photography

it's possible to earn a living from microstock photography, or a utopia and must be a very good hobby and just to pay the bills...

Photo credits: George Tsartsianidis.

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Very few make it a living....I think the money is in the Dreamstime!


For me it stays a hobby, but it would be interesting to pursue it as a full time job. However, as Gmargittai says, it might turn into a boring or stressful job and then you might lose your pleasure in photography. There are a number of people here at DT who have made photography a full time job, but I doubt it is all stock related. I hope some of them post on this with their points of view. :)


No no I do not think so, it is utopia for most of us. I am afraid.


It depends on how much you earn per month.For me it would be possible if i earn at least about $ 2500, but it is a dream so I do as a hobby :-).
Ciao Francesco.


I think keeping it as a hobby is more advisable.


well.that depends the portfolio you have..


if its a full time "job" then you have all the time you want/need for that, only for this reason


Why would you want to do that?
Do you want to trade your nice and rewarding hobby and make it a job? It will not be as attractive as it seems now. It might turn into a very boring thing. And also I can't see it paying that well unless of course you are Yuri Arcus.

I am looking at this as I am looking at playing tennis. I am trying my best, trying to improve all the time, but I will never become a pro, especially now that I am 55 :)


I guess it all depends on what you do for a living, in my case I have another job and I wouldn't quit it for microstock photography, even if my earning where much higher here. I like to keep microstock photography as a hobby, and use my earnings to buy new photography equipment.

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