Living with Pain.. There is always tomorrow...

Fresh, new day begins

In life, we are dealt cards, we may not like, but we live with them. I had to have Carpel Tunnel surgery on both hands, due to the work, I was doing.. After it was all done on my one hand, things got worse.. Pain increased.. Upon many tests, and so on, it was discovered I had CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and life, as I knew it was going to change dramatically.. I lost use of 3 fingers due to nerve damage on my left hand and ended up with very limited use of my left arm..

Loving to take photographs, almost came to a grinding halt, as I could only use one hand to hold camera. Having the Carpel tunnel in right hand, well, I have a brace on that hand, to add to the degree of disabilities.

The pain I feel, is like giving birth and you are in the last hour of labor pains, and i feel that in my hand, and arm, 24/7. I needed an outlet to cope, and started drawing on the computer, and focusing my mind on my work, and helped relieve some of the severe discomfort, I was having. Not use to taking anything, now my life is my daily heavy medications to help with the pain.. Now with many limitations, I have to rely on my mate for much of the daily things we do. He stands by me 100% and lets me live life as I can..

I still take pictures, but they are shaky, and so on... using a mono-pod or tripod, is cumbersome to say the least. I spend hours making illustrations, of things I like and hope that others will like them too.. When finished an illustration, I upload and await the verdict... no matter what is said, I did it, I liked it and know that for at least the time I was making it, my pain was not as severe.. in one sense, it is mind over matter, and with taking the thoughts and placing them into something constructive, it reduces the amount you are feeling, so for me.. no matter what... it is a Win..Win situation..

I am scheduled to have a Spinal Column Stimulator, implanted into me, early this summer, to help reduce some of the pain.. we hope!!

Coming into my 50th year this year (2009), I am blessed, with many abilities to cope with each day as it comes..

So, onto taking pictures and to drawing illustrations, I will do. Hoping for them to be used in some capacity.

If today is a bad day... There is always tomorrow..

Photo credits: Deeboldrick.
  • Deeboldrick
I am now 53 years young. Due to a medical disability called CRPS in 2007. I lost the use of my left arm and hand including(2011) neck and now left leg, and have Chronic Pain.I have also been diagnosed with Fibro, as a secondary to the CRPS... Can it get better?? I am currently making illustrations, as my disability has put more restrictions on me. I still use my cameras, but more for my own use.
My favorite saying is "Walk in beauty as beauty walks in you, Live life with honour!"
Live to Love and love to live....Tomorrow is another day!!

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Thank you all for the kind comments and great suggestions... I do indeed have the remote shutter, and yes, it is a God send. I love going for walks and camera strapped around my neck, and just lift, focus, adjust and shoot, the picture.. we are actually looking for, or will try to design a shoulder front mount(like a small back pack strapped in the front of me), with a gyro holder (that can be locked into position) and use the remote shutter. Allowing for those freedom shots of what is around you for that brief moment. It would have to have a screen that us hooked up to the camera, to allow for viewing.. this will be a feat in itself, but either there is one out there, or we will design it, for those who have limited usage of arms and so on.. I have been working on the schematic's myself. hopefully will see where it goes... Thank you again for all your very kind words..A wise person once said.... " Yesterday is History.. Tomorrow is a mystery and Today is a great Present" ..


dee hun...i know all too well ur pain and suffering,we go thru it every day,i also know your outlet is on these sites to take your mind off the constant discomfort.
i know that you are a strong person,and this wont affect you in your daily life,as it would in some...i alos know that we are in this together,and i always will be at your side. hugs xxxxxx


Hi Dee, you are a inspiration for us, remember my mom, even she is in severe pain and doesn't stop what is is found of, gardens and painting. I wish you a speed recovery and pray for your health. God bless you.


The remote is a great idea! Never give up on what you love and help yourself as much as you can. Good luck!!


All the best to you, If I might be so brave to suggest you might consider getting a remote shutter release for your canon. They are not expensive and work with the push of a button. It even allows the button to be pushed half way for auto focus. You can then use your left hand to push the shutter without going in front of the camera or over the top whitch can screw up the sensors. You may have already tried it but if not give it a shot. You'll love it.

Good luck to you.


I love you Dee ;-)

A pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty.


I wish you all the best! I am sorry to read about your pain, but it is great and breave from you to finish the blog with so nice sentence. I wish you a lot of better health and to keep your incredible optimisms!


You are very brave! I wish you all the best, and may your pain leave you one day.