Living Room image.

Just so I understand how good a image is could anyone please tell me how good is 8 downloads in 71 visitors? I am assuming that is quite good?

This is the image.

Photo credits: Duffwebdesign.

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Good job and deserved sales, and I agree the ratio is extremely good.


Thanks for your comments this is greatly appreciated.

Im no professional photographer but would love to learn more.

Once again thanks.


beautiful shot, very nice internal design :-)


That's right. It's a very good ratio. Though I still think there's much more involved in selling an image than just being a good one. Still trying to figure out what it is... :)

Good luck,


That´s a good download ratio. In fact, some of the best sellers here have a lower one, but they sell a lot because of the huge amount of images they have online.

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