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I just wanted to take the opportunity to say that since summer is here that there is a place that photographers have a great option for shooting.

The Local Farmers Markets

Since most local farmers markets are only open seasonally this is a great way to see and shoot the artisan products.

here are a couple of the random shots that I have taken at local markets

If you are taking shots at the market it is generally a good rule to ask before you shoot since some vendors may get offended.

In most cases you can get some great fresh items at amazing prices so come prepared to support your locals

If you are in a city with a major market there is usually a ton to see and explore so make sure and take extra batteries and memory cards just incase

Even if you are not there are a ton of great little u-pick markets

So go out and enjoy the Season

Photo credits: EmeraldUmbrellaStudio.

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July 06, 2011


Thanks for the compliments, now I just need some more sales I Just found a piece of gear that I want :D

July 06, 2011


Nice images, well done!

July 06, 2011


Great images!

July 06, 2011


Beautiful images!!!

July 05, 2011


I recently moved to seattle and every chance i get i stop at the local markets, its amazing how much great stuff you can get at them

July 05, 2011


I love a good famers market !

July 05, 2011


Great photos!

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