Long Path

Oh, yes, its been a long time, since July 18th, 2005, more than four years now, watering a little every day

Every season growing a little.

Far too many rejections, but allways learning.

© Sebcz

© Aeolos
And growing a strong and healthy portolio

Suddenly, my plantation started to flourish and help me travel

And take more pictures of what I love most.

Yes, me and my wife, happy couple

Discovering the world.

Going to holy places

Places full of energy, mother nature wonders

Allways uploading, meanwhile having fun

© Iofoto
I am celebrating 2400 images uploaded

And I urge you, do the same, upload, earn money and be happy!

Thanks DT and you all fellow photographers for being with me in this journey.

Best luck to you all!

Photo credits: Christoph Weihs, Alexandre Fagundes De Fagundes, Alexey Fursov, Andres Rodriguez, Andrewsound95, Anke Van Wyk, Aprescindere, Alex Brosa, Alain Lacroix, Iofoto, Kelliem, Kheng Guan Toh, Eti Swinford, Photowitch, Saniphoto, Karin Van Ijzendoorn, Sebastian Czapnik, Starfotograf, Zach123, Bryan Creely.

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Well Done, That inspires me very much to keep trying and keep up loading.


I like your photos!!! You have admirable superb photographic skills and creativity !!


Brilliant blog ,well done,just the inspiration i needed to see today, thankyou and best wishes.


Thank you all guys for the encouraging replies on my blog.
Answering David, no I am not a full time photographer, I have a day job, money here helps me keep on my dreams (thats why its Dreamstime, isnt it?), but its not enough, at least for the moment.
I treat rejections as, hum, rejections, I close myself into a darkroom and cry a little (just kidding), well, I could have learned more from them, I am sure, but I try not to do the same mistakes again, when I know what did went wrong.
Sometimes, I simply dont get it, I admit, but move on and try something diferent, I know you guys probably feel the same many times.
The message I can give is perserverance, keep on trying and good things will happen.


great job, very encouraging, congratulations :)


what a blog. very intersting and encouraging. thanks boss


Very impressive story giving lots of encouragement. It would be interesting to know if you have a day job or are full time at photography. So many questions I hear you say ! David.
PS Did you treat rejections as a tutorial in photography and editing of imaging ?


Congratulations! I hope to have your size portfolio and sales in four years :0)


Great Job. Very well done.


Congratulations for all!Very nice photos indeed.Wish you have fun and celebrate with your wife!


Congrats! What a nice blog! Go ahead and have fun!


Congratulations, wonderful portfolio. Love the Times Square at night image. I am from NY originally and still miss it sometimes. Good luck with future sales!


Fantástico! Muitos Parabens! (Fantastic! Congratulations!) ;)


Beautiful words! Beautiful ...worlds...I would say...Congratulations! I wish you all the happiness and for your wife a lot of unique moments with you!




4 years indeed is a long journey. Congratulation on 2400 upload! Wish you all the best moving forward....

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