Long waited Spring 2012

This year the nature mother seems to forget the Spring in her calendar.

The weather has been almost drizzling, rainy, cloudy one. There is nothing encouraging any brave camera to get out under that weather condition except when you have friends from afar who pay you a visit ... with the huge desire to visit the "tulips bulb farms" :(

So, instead of scheduling another visit to the famous keukenhof tulips garden (i have been more than 10 times with friends, family members, colleagues etc ... in few years), we decided to stop in its neighborhood to see the real plantations of the tulips on the way back from the Amsterdam Airport.

We have been very surprise by the spectacular view although that the rain was present. We ran here and there inside the private field (I wish to thank a million those farmer who do not chase us with their guns ;) and curses for generations those who plugged the tulips unduly ) to snap as fast as possible to do not get the shower or to do not be chased by the landlord of th place.

It is quite worth to do this unconventional visit. First, It is not crowded of people and most of the time we have to push people away to have a good point of view. Even if you succeed to do so there is a lot of people in the picture that you have to clone out. Second, you can play with the uni-tone color with the real field in your picture. There is no much post-processing to do.

I will try to pay another visit next week-end alone with my bicycle and my camera. I hope that the weather will be nice and will be cooperative with me.

Before that, I wish to share with you some the view here below :

You can see my tulips collection here

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May 07, 2012


Wow, amazing images, beautiful place.

May 06, 2012


I often think to go in Netherlands in this period....
Congratulation for the nice photos!

May 06, 2012


Beautiful images!

May 06, 2012


Nice photos!

May 05, 2012


Well in Ontario Canada, spring has come early. Too early for a lot of fruit crops - we were blossoming in April - and then had frost again. It has been beautiful in our little part of the world. Love your tulips - I am part little Dutch girl myself.

May 05, 2012



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Photo credits: , Digikhmer.