A look back: Sequoia National Park

Last year I was vacationing in California and got to visit Sequoia National Park twice during our stay, taking as many photos as the rest of the (non-photographers) group allowed me to. I loved it.

Watching the sunset on the mountains

I’m from the Caribbean, I’m used to sandy beaches, sun and warm tropical weather. The park was cool, breezy, full of gigantic green and brown trees, mountains and streams of water snaking between rocks, song birds singing and majestic vistas of the mountains in the distance and valleys bellow. In a word paradisiac, beautiful.

Forest meadow up in the mountains

We drove up and onwards until we reached an area with many Sequoia trees; it was high up and cold for what I’m used to on the island, the difference in temperature and ambiance was exhilarating to me as if I was in another world.

Majestic Giant Sequoia Redwood tree

Then I saw the giants, those beautiful redwood trees; I felt small, young, fleeting, compared to those amazing trees that have been there centuries, even millennia. Human hubris is such a petty worthless thing, next to the quiet, stillness, majesty of those trees that have been there long before I existed and will remain there long after.

That’s why I love to travel and see different places; I may be there for a moment and then gone, but I carry the experiences and feelings with me, that and the memories I capture while I pass through.

Moro rock and mountain landscape

Thanks for reading.

Photo credits: Jose Ramos.

Your article must be written in English

August 16, 2018


Your blog gives a real sense of place - the stately Sequoias are on my bucket list

August 09, 2018


Well written blog Jose looks an interesting pace.

August 09, 2018


Thanks so much for writing! I love reading the outdoor travel journals and viewing the photos. Great work!

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