Look into the viewfinder, not through the viewfinder

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Below is what I believe to be one of the most important tips for a photographer. Once I was taught this, it totally changed how I take photos

The statement is “Look into the viewfinder, not through the viewfinder”.

When you are taking a photo, what is shown in the viewfinder is your canvas. While taking this photo you are an artist. Any one can point and shoot, although only a photographer can compose an image. What you must think about when composing an image is that whatever you see in the viewfinder, will be what is recorded.

It is frustrating to see attempted portraits where there are large amounts of plan background surrounding the subject. It is most likely in these images that the photographer has looked through the viewfinder, putting the focus point on the subjects face, also while watching them.

Next time you are taking a photo, have a look at the black borders surrounding the image, concentrate on what you can and can’t see, what you would like to be in the frame.

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January 02, 2011


nice tip ...thanks

January 01, 2011


Nicely put ... happy new year

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