Looking Back at 2008

I have not been on Dreamstime yet for a year but for me it has been a great experience and I look forward to having a complete year on Dreamstime next year.

I have mainly accomplished all my goals in 2008 for my Stock Portfolio which has been really satisfying. I had a goal of making 200-250 sales by the end of the year and I have already gone over 250. I wanted to upload from 900-1000 files and as of right now I am up to 932. I am only $40 away from my 5th payout which was my third goal but I am still satisfied with what I have earned so being $40 away from my next payout is no big deal since I am still satisfied with all that I have accomplished.

In 2009 my biggest goal I have is to save my earning money from Dreamstime to get Adobe Illustrator since I took a few classes in college several years ago. I would love to say by the end of next year that I have some illustrations in my portfolio is really the goal for me.

Here are some of my favorite photos I added to my portfolio for 2008:

Have A Happy New Year Everyone!

Photo credits: , Susan Pettitt.

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Your photoes are very good.
Your new illustrations are expected.
Your experiences on the new work are eager expected especially.


Well done, Susan! Your work is always a pleasure to view, the polar bear is one of my favorites -- I often feel like that at the end of the day! Every best wish to you for a happy and successful 2009. Cheers!


For me when it comes to animal photos in the zoo the 80-400 is always a must. the Lions actually are sitting all the way in the back of the enclosure.


Cool, so there is hope for my D70 after all! Gotta have that 80-400!


Thanks everyone!!!

The Lion was actually shot with my old Nikon D70 which I no longer have but I still have a D70s (mainly the hubby's camera) plus I shot the picture with my 80-400 VR Lens.


Great portfolio, and many more sales to come in the New Year I am sure, so the purchase of Illustrator should not be too far off :0)


A well deserved well done. I love the fact that you never believed nature won't sell. You are both proof and inspiration that if it's done with quality and done right it will sell.


Awesome work, Susan, and congratulations on achieving such wonderful goals! Which lens did you use on the Lion image? I see you use the Nikon D70s. I'm guessing because of size that's the camera you used on this one. I use the D70, but my images don't turn out like this! Can't seem to get close enough to get this clear a shot.


Congrats, well I liked the Seal Pup image, all in all nice portfolio. keep up the good work


Congrats on reaching your goals... That Tiger shot is awesome!

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