Looking beyond the viewfinder... photography and the arts.

ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! STEP AWAY FROM THE CAMERA AND LISTEN UP! Those of you who have been living within the confines of only your camera viewfinder, all others form of art are alive and well. From dance, to drawing to even cooking, the arts emulate our everyday life; and upon closer inspection, all art forms are loosely (or tightly) entwined with each other. Dance and photography or food and photography being the same you say? Preposterous!!! “Not so”, I say! Although not a new idea, it’s something to remember that as a photographer, everything is connected.

Like a sculptor starts out with a lump of clay, a photographer must start out with a camera in hand; ready to “see” that image. Just like a chef blends their ingredients together adding little of this and a pinch of that, a photographer must play with the iso and add a dash of exposure. Just like a dancer exposes their creativity onstage, so does a photographer in a gallery. However like everything is related, each art form can befall the same flaws that prevent works from becoming true masterpieces. “Too light, or “too obscure” and so on. The same things that tie us together can also bring us down as well.

So how does this relate to looking outside the viewfinder? Simple, use this to “Think outside the box.” This old adage applies to every photgrapher by being aware of the other forms of art; we realize things that we never saw before. For those who pick up a pencil, we learn how everyday objects can be reduced to simple shapes. By taking a dance class, we see, we feel how the human form moves. By painting we become more aware of the color wheel and how colors blend together to create new ones. All of these give us strength as a photographer.

So why not, why not try something new. Try a jazz class and be inspired how the human body flows from move to move. Take a music class and see the pattern. Remember your childhood and have fun with chalk and take a look at shading techniques. Do it, do it DO IT!!!! And be prepared to see your work in a whole new light.

Photo credits: Angela Ostafichuk.

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good advice mind opening and inspirational keep the grey mater working.


Nice blog and good advice, I am going to tap dance over to my camera right now :0)


Good advise! Profound opinion! Art roots in life, and needs eyes which are good at discovering!

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