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As a photographer at times we all tend to forget that all our shots revolve around a same theme or in some cases they are so diverse that its hard to find out. It is amazing to note that paintings of great artists are so unique in nature that one can guess the artist based on the style of work. The same happens in photography as well. As an amateur one tries a lot to learn. Some may call it copying and some call it inspiration. I would like to use the later word.

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In earlier days the inspiration for a amateur photographer usually came from magazines or a photo exhibition, but now a days with the increased use of technology there are lot of avenues where we get the chance to view and appreciate the work of great photographers. Dreamstime is one such site where we are in the vicinity of thousands of photographers displaying their work. Its amazing as you can realize which of those sell and which ones are viewed more. I visit Dreamstime a lot to check which of my shots have been accepted and which ones sold but a lot more times to see what others have uploaded. Lately one other site if follow the most is the photographer community in Google plus.


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Upon visiting here you can realize that google plus is far more different from Flickr , 500px or facebook. Google allows unlimited upload of photographs and based upon the comments you get there one can identify those shots that grab the attention of others and those which dont. I strongly believe that photography is also an art where the photographer expresses his vision through the shot he captures. Same subject captured by two different photographers can be different.

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So as with any art form we are all in a constant learning curve. I am sure we all agree that we love to experiment and would continue to do so. Its important that we keep evolving and not tend to restrict ourselves.

So always keep looking for inspiration which leads to innovation.

One other true example of inspiration is this guy Sergey Inspiration who with just 46 uploads has 3199 sales. I can say nothing but wow!!! Most of which are abstract background illustration images. This shatters my myth that only images with model sells in Dreamstime. This again brings a point that its not Quantity but Quality that matters a lot. "There isn’t any one source that stands out, but I do like looking at current magazines to see creative images and new styles. I often find influences in images that might be a completely different style than mine, but have great lighting or a unique set. Movies and television shows are also strong influences." - peterbelanger

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May 17, 2013


I've been working as a layout artist for years and I can say this about Sergey's uploads. They are very, very easy to use for artworks. Ease is probably what sells for him so this might be his key for high sales.

May 12, 2013


Thanks for sharing, great blog.

May 09, 2013


Thank you for adding my image. :)

Good article. Glad to see an active Indian on this site. Fact is, people here don't really know much about the potential of stock or photography in general. No surprise if you find people patronizing a photographer or mocking someone photographing strange things.
But it is the inspiration and aim that counts, brush the negatives aside. Good luck!

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