Looking forward to my 3000th download..

..however, it's a very long way away. 300 is a more realistic expectation as I'm just one sale away. Made you look though hey ;-)

Anyway, I'm quite content with the sales for my small port. Now if only I could get 300 online, phew!! Back to the grindstone..

The images in this blog are sales 298 and 299 and I will post sale 300 here when I get it.

UPDATE: So one day after posting this blog, I got my 300th sale, which was a 5 credit purchase. And it's the same image as the 299th download. Maybe the buyer likes reading Dt's blogs :-)

Thanks for ur comments.

Photo credits: Komar.

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October 09, 2010


Congratulaions Komar! On to 500 now. Regards, David.

October 08, 2010


Thanks Leslie. Ur not doing badly urself...

October 05, 2010


You did make me look haha! But that's a great sales ratio you have, Congratulations.

October 04, 2010


Congratulations and good luck!

October 04, 2010


Congratulations! Keep uploading!

October 04, 2010


Wow! Congratulations and good luck! :)

October 04, 2010


Congrats and good luck!

October 04, 2010


Good luck!

October 03, 2010


oooo exciting!! :) good luck!

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