Looking after referrals.

Referrals, especially those who are active, are your best friends on DT. Whether they are buying credits or sell their own photos, you get commission. The better they do, the better for us.

So, looking after your referrals should do good to both sides.

Whenever I have time, I try to help them with keywords and descriptions, sometimes they ask me how to improve a rejected image.

I think a good option would be also to write to Tonygers and ask him to look at my newbie referrals, he's got a good helping hand as well :)

Photo credits: Jose Alves.

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September 22, 2007


True:) Nice story, thanks!

September 22, 2007


Just to add to this.. I was talking with another photographer the other night, and told me a story about a car salesman he knew..

The car salesman would sell a car to someone, and then say to them, "Hey. I hope you like your new car enough to tell others about it, and about how friendly and helpful our staff is here. I hope you will send your friends and relatives to me to buy a car. Every time one of your referals shows up, I will treat you to dinner.. Everytime they buy the car, I will give you $500.."

Well, sure enough, a referral would eventually show up, and while he was talking to the referral customer, he would ask them to hold on for a second and call the other couple to arrange for the dinner.. And would then explain why he was treating them to dinner..and that if they referred people to him, he would do the same for them.

If they bought the car, he would ask them to drive him to their friend/relative's house.. He would bring with him a check for $500 which he would give to the referer. He would then explain to the new purchaser, "I know that there is a good chance that the person that referred you lives on your block or will see you soon.. Either way, I want to hand them the check that I promised them before they have a chance to see your car and wonder when they are going to get the check."

I think the moral of the story is.. Always Take care of your customers and the people that refer them. Your business will do well as a result!

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