Looking for your pictures to add to my collections!

This is a message to whose who wants to add their pics to some of my shared collections, I prefer to ask to active members than go and choose between thousands of images ^^ So these are my collections, if you have pics that you want to add, tell me!!

- Objects isolated in white or black

I have a lot of that so I opened a generic collection, simply objects isolated in black or white ;)

- Bread and wheat

Bread and bakery pictures, and wheat stalks isolated in white

- Animals! Dog, cat,hamster and so

I began only with cats,dogs and hamster, but I found other type of animals to add and made it more generic :)

- Christmas time!

Just X-mas pictures

- Beach, sea and sand. Costa Brava (Spain)

Well all my pics are from Costa Brava, but if you want to add more beaches I can change the name and just call it "Beach,sea and sand" ;)

- Fireworks and pyrotechnics

A subject I partuculary love to shoot at ;) share yours with me!

- Fruits,vegetables and food

what his name tells: food

- Barcelona

well. pictures of my city, those of your that habe been here, add your pics!!

- Nature, green and landscapes

Beautiful nature and green shots

So these are my public collections, share your pics with me and tell which do you want to add :)

Photo credits: Titania1980.

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I have these 3 fruit shots-thanks for looking. [imgr]6536154[/imgr][imgr]5559407[/imgr][imgr]1200783[/imgr]





Hope these help!


For your fireworks:
 Fireworks collage 

Isolated on white:
 Water swirl vortex 
 Eye makeup set 
 Natural chemistry 

 Bridge over lake in fall scenery 
 Zen waterfalls 

 Poffertjes mini pancakes 
 Lime wedge 

 Snow Monkeys grooming 
 Cute cat with paw up 
 Peeking cat 
 A Silverback Gorilla's face. 
 Two Sparrows 


Hi Titania!
I hope that you will like those:
Animals! Dog, cat,hamster - 5615159
Fruits,vegetables and food - 6679253
My favorites! Thanks!


Hi Titania Today sold a photo of a microscope. I think it was by putting it into your collection. Thanks
I send another
Isolated in black: 9527648


hey, cphotographer, I hand't seen the post until now! Ok all added :)

hope this move bring some more sales to all of us :)


Thank you for doing this!
If you're still looking, here are some of mine:

ANIMALS: 2052380, 4220370, 4302349, 7083778, 7879124, 9250833

CHRISTMAS: 1677435, 7137539, 7144206, 7243271, 11149613, 11254130

BEACH, SEA AND SAND: 3624712, 4342064, 4342581, 4408035, 6072659, 6082603, 6091363, 6091548, 9835178, 9841465, 10265017, 10325928, 10326009

FOOD: 3567348, 3574520, 4294981, 4493004, 4963178, 5205941, 5259410, 5561912, 5570816, 5570883, 5784343, 5785446, 6210897, 6326199, 6433913, 8085089, 8446824, 8925803, 11386092

NATURE-GREEN-LANDSCAPES: 3414637, 3398009, 3415138, 3679804, 3712231, 3713041, 3791161, 3823611, 3875669, 4104404, 4185198, 4219791, 4294911, 4302507, 4318770, 4431479, 4566955, 4966826, 5259364, 5573615, 5573766, 5682988, 5713238, 5757730, 5853778, 6203540, 6713100, 6741070, 6741289, 6751531, 7727618, 7854258, 8288556, 10470910

Hope that between those offered you can find what you like!
Best regards,


thanks for adding .)


Thanks for adding my photos, and taking the time to add everyones' images!! It is most appreciated:):)


Just saw your last post sorry.
Amphitheater number is 10972478


I send this in Landscape: 4720152,4711911,4780890


Hi there,
I've got a picture of a cave in Australia, called the Amphitheater. It might fit your cave collection!
 The Amphitheater at Carnarvon Gorge, Australia 


Ok, all added.
PLEASE! To make my work easy, put the category and the image numbers separated with comma, so I only have to copy and paste into collection, just as Charlydamart did, thank you!

Claudiofichera: la paella no es de Barcelona, es de Valencia ;)


Hi Titania: I offer these photos: 9757893 5165827 9758040 10015781 4886505 9556084 9638718 10255206 9344121 Thanks again!


Here you have some mines.

Objects isolated:7902042, 7806543, 7718004

Beach, sea and sand: 10722278, 10819689, 10256528, 10036426, 9559613, 8565844, 8565802

Barcelona: 11117560, 7257072, 7257062, 7136518, 6908177

Beautiful nature and green shots: 11320482, 11320467, 11320269, 11163283, 11163272, 11163250, 11117549, 10429983, 8962459, 7062153, 6736128



what a great idea, once i've got some free time i'd love to start a collection too and will ask all active members :)
i've got a variety of pics you're asking for so if you've got some free time and would like to look around my port i'd be very happy :)
thanks alot :) you've got a great port yourself


Take a look around my portfolio. You`ll find there many many nature photos! Your`s I love so mush! )


Hi Titania. I have a small portfolio, take a look, feel free to add into your collections. Thanks.


I think it's best to check my portfolio, and my personal collections, as I have several landscapes. A few images that I think meet your descriptions of beach; nature and green; and animals (horse in my case) are 11012365, 11002376, 10286422, and 9546666. Thanks Titania!!!!


Thank you very much, Titania, for adding my pics to your collection ;)


Hi Titania! Here are las mias. La paella is from Barcelona?[imgr]11438379[/imgr] [imgr]11247836[/imgr] [imgr]11179506[/imgr] [imgr]10986338[/imgr] [imgr]10986335[/imgr] [imgr]10779611[/imgr] [imgr]10715676[/imgr] [imgr]10715613[/imgr] [imgr]10676865[/imgr] [imgr]10554691[/imgr] [imgr]10617725[/imgr] [imgr]10341414[/imgr] [imgr]10315946[/imgr] [imgr]9870173[/imgr] Thanks!!! I lo considero useful.


Thanks ;)


I have a few you may consider under nature/landscape. Will not post too many here but if you like some of these check my PF for some more (if you have the time, know its time consuming) ;)

 Winter Wonderland Landscape 

 African Tree Sunset Silhouette 

 Sunset and Cloud Detail 


Thanks a lot for adding my pictures!))


Hi! I've got homemade bread isolated on white  Image not available or id is incorrect.  if you fancy it :0)

To everyone below that had trouble getting their photos to show here. When you want to add a photo to a comment you need to delete the "l" or "r" after the "img". Example [imgl]number[imgl] [imgr]number[imgr] Hope this helps. Cheers :0)


Ok, all added :)


Hi Titania1980, wish you luck with your collections!
When ever you have time check my portfolio, it's small & won't take much of your time :))

Cheers ;)


here are my images of food:
and bread:
Not many, but hope you like them! ;-)


Ok, here we are):
Some of isolated & Christmas:
Isolated on white:
[imgl]10107278[/imgl] [imgl]10444069[/imgl]
Hope you'll like anything)

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