Looks Can Be Deceiving

When I first joined up on Dreamstime almost 7 months ago I uploaded hundreds of photos because when at first glance they looked fantastic or I knew that they made a great 8x10 photo. After having many pictures denied I started going back and looking through my photos to see what exactly was wrong with them. Most of my refusals had the same message on them that this is a well covered subject but honestly that message did not tell me any thing since my subjects had been all animals at the time. I figured that there had to be some thing else then just a very well covered subject because I was having tons of the same subjects approved and I thought the ones that got denied was the better photos. It turns out I was not looking at my photos close enough meaning I was not looking at them 100%. Without looking at these photos at 100% I was not seeing major flaws in the picture. Dreamstime has taught me to be more critical with my photos and to always look at the photos 100%. I can say now of days most of the times my animal photos get approved. I still get denials on other subjects but I am starting to figure those out too.

Funny Pictures that got denied for not looking at 100% but made a great 8x10 (by the way I still love these shots even though they are not perfect):

The World's Happiest Kitty

Did Someone Say Dinner?

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December 10, 2008


HI, you have a wonderful portfolio..and we can see that looking into deep at our photo could be a real good opportunity to grow up..! ;D

December 06, 2008


Of all the animal pictures that I have seen here, yours and among the best. Keep up the great work!

December 05, 2008


Thanks :) I have to agree about the mind wants to see what it wants to see. I never noticed things about both of those photos until after they had been denied but I still love those pictures and they are even hanging up on my wall in my living room :)

December 05, 2008


Hey Susan, Both photos are great shots -- the dinner shot is especially fun. You are correct in scrutinizing potential submissions at 100% -- My schedule is to check a photo at 100% once deciding that is has potential for stock, make corrections and cropping then double check at 100% to see what I may have missed. Your work is always a pleasure to view and a pleasure to see your latest uploads. Cheers!

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