lost camera

Bad luck.I lost my camera on the subway.So ,can not upload the new files.

I have decide to buy a new camera.Maybe Canon 550D.I like canon camera.

Can some one make suggestion to me?My dear friend on the DT.

Photo credits: Xiaofeng123.


camera lost

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Ni hao, this is very sad news indeed; I am really sorry you lost your
trusty Canon camera. Did this happen on the brand new Chengdu
subway that recently opened? On the other hand, perhaps this will motivate you to purchase a brand new camera that could possibly have more technology than your previous model and that can only be a good
thing!!! If you do prefer Canon then go for it - I am sure you can find
many dealers at Digital Square in south Chengdu. Personally I love
my Nikon D90 and D80 and have used Nikon for many, many years -
it is all a matter of preference of course. Just don't delay - get a
nice new camera and continue taking great photos. Much good
luck to you and all the best from ni de peng you mei guo ren.


I am sorry for you. Every person has his/hers personal preference for a camera. I like my Nikon D90 very much but others chose for Canon or Olympus or Sony. There are no realy bad camera's anymore. You should go to a camerashop and try some.


I´m very sorry for the bad news. :( I hope you will find a great new camera! :) Wish you all the Best!


I sugest to by a Nikon with VR lenses too.


Oh.... bad news.

I use the Canon EOS 50D.

But now have a new model Canon EOS 60D, you can try.


Come to look at it at another perspective why not its a good time to shop for new gears : )


Sorry for your cam!


I'm sorry, too bad this happened to you. Canon and Nikon both have great cameras, if you don't have lenses for your lost camera perhaps you can switch to Nikon.


What a bummer about losing your camera - try lost property, as David says there are good people in the world, more good people than bad people, so it's worth a try. I use Canon 50D, but suspect Nikon and Canon are on equal footing re quality....


Sorry to hear such a bad news! I`m using a Canon 40d , which is not produce anymore, but I`m thinking of upgrading to a Canon 7d. I heard only good things about this camera. Maybe you should give it a try!
Good luck!


Realy bad situation. I use a Canon 1000 D and I like it.


Very bad situation both camera and images lost. I wonder if you've called at lost property or the police station ? There are honest people in the world who might have handed it in. Commiserations.

A Nikon D300 or D700 would be my choice with VR lenses. David.


I'm sorry to here your bad news,

I use the Canon EOS 50D and would recommend it.

Good luck with whatever choice you make and I hope you are uploading soon.

Best wishes


I sugest to by a Nikon with VR lenses.

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