Some time ago I deleted many pictures from my camera, by accident... I did not have a chance to copy them to any storage device earlier, and a part of them was very precious to me. So I decided to find a way to recover them! My files had never dissapeared that way before, but I knew for sure that I should not use the flash card for taking new photos if I want deleted photos to be recovered, otherwise there’s a poor chance to recover the files.

I searched through Internet looking for the cure, and I realized that the most popular programs are rather good, but they all cost good money…

As I use Nikon camera, I contacted Nikon office in Moscow asking if they provide such service as photo recovery to their clients. They said they didn’t, but they gave me a very good advice: go to the website of the flash (memory) card producer!

Normally such companies have software for files recovery, and such programs are typically absolutely free, Nikon guys said to me.

That was completely knew information as, honestly, websites of flash cards producers have never been of any interest to me!

I followed the advice given, and I found a great program at the website of a flash card producer, simple and free of charge! And my photos and videos are now recovered, I’m so happy about that!

So if one day you delete the files you need - don’t be sad, there’s a chance to see them back again! Take many hot summer photos and never loose them!

Ekaterina Bykova

Red plastic woman sculpture. It sits on the green grass field.

Grazing horse. Green grass, autumn forest background.

Photo credits: Ekaterina Bykova.
Ekaterina Bykova
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  • Moscow, Russian Federation
I’m a professional photographer and journalist with more than 15 years in the business. I obtained a bachelors’ degree in photojournalism (Moscow State University) and in contemporary art. My works include reportages from art events, celebrity portraits, public holidays, landmarks, wildlife and more.
I travel regularly to different places and participate in exhibitions.
My works are in the collection of Russan State Museum (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Russian Photography Museum (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia).
I would appreciate a lot if you could let me know how my photos are used. I will announce it on my website and promote you in return!

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June 05, 2015

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June 05, 2015

Nice to know this. Thanks for sharing!