Lots of Quick Views

I've never had views happen so fast before. On 24 June this image went live:

What happened next quite amazed me, a day after over 30 views, then 50 by the next day, and now over 70 views. No sales yet but I'm hopeful. This far and away exceeds the view accumulation of any other image I have uploaded.

Can anyone offer an explanation?

Photo credits: Verdelho.

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One simple logic that I apply here is, if things are clear in the thumbnail then people don't open the picture. If people are curious to see the details (which may not be clear in a thumbnail size) they tend to click on the picture to see in an enlarged form and that gets counted as a view.


I agree with Bradcalkins, views made by unregistered or members who did not login are now counted. Look at this topic for better explanation. Bye, Francesca


yes, almost all my images are editorial and these days get a lot of views in the first 2-3 days...some of them more than 100 views!
Unfortunately, this does not mean downloads, but it means that the photos are around and seen...


Was it recommanded by the editor?if so ,i think the views will happen maybe.most people will click the editor's choice,i think.


That large number of number of views is cetainly incredible. I had a similar experience, though not so large a number of views. My highest accumulation of views in my portfolio is editorial images, far exceeding non-editorial images that were uploaded months before. Editorial is hot right now.


Could also be your keywords. I 'd rethink my choice of keywords if I am getting way too many views and no download. It can mean one, or few , keyword(s) could be not quite relevant.
Just my thought, though this is a waiver to say I am no expert in keywords either ;)


Yes, they recently changed things so that non-logged in users are counted in views... Plus, it is editorial and comes up on the first page of recent uploads right now.

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