Love is in the air

Mothers Day Calla Lilies card

Spring is on the way and with it comes the Springtime weddings and Holidays. I have created a new series of wedding invitations and Greeting cards for Easter and Mother's Day. Here are just a few.

Wedding invitation Border orchids ivy

Wedding invitation Calla Lilies Border

Calla Lilies Border on pink satin

Wedding invitation Border orchids ivy

Easter Border orchids and ivy

Photo credits: Irisangel.
  • Irisangel
Art has always been a part of my life. Photography was a natural part of the evolution. I have a closet full of cameras and lenses, including a 3D camera. All of which are gathering dust since digital cameras came along and changed the world. For the past 15+ years I have been trying to learn all I can about post production and digital art. Even after all these years, I know I have not even begun to scratch the surface of all there is to know. And so, the journey continues.

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Thanks Georges, I am a fan of your work also. I love the new water images, good luck with them. this is my favorite.[imgr]http://www.8372330[/imgr]


I'm a fan of yours!


Thank you so much Tracy, what a nice thing to say.


I can only marvel at your skill.


Great images. Thanks for reminding us of the upcoming dates. haha, I don't think I ever need to check my calendar again with your useful and timely reminders ;)


Thank you all. I am lucky to be here. This site is great and so are all of the contributors.


Splendid images! So romantic and so tender :-) Good luck with them, I esp. like the wedding images!


Always with a BANG, any occasion you are ready with your collection, lucky to have you here in DT. a great asset


So lovely! So romantic! They display nearly every girl's heart and wish for happiness. :-)


You totally amaze me, girl. Where in the WORLD do all your ideas come from!!! :-)


So nice!


Very nice, I am sure these will do well.


Hey, great ones!
I was just having a break doing isolations of flowers and saw your blog :) Now I don't have any photos to upload and I make some flower borders ... hope they got approved!
Good luck with these ones! I also like Happy Easter image most!


I really like the Happy Easter one!! The orchids are so pretty!