Love for butterflies

I have wondered, but cannot find out why I love butterflies so much.

I have made several composite photographs using these delicate and colourful insects as part of the image and I'm also pretty satisfied with the results and how they have been appreciated.

I have read that butterflies symbolize (among others): transition, transformation and change in many ancient traditional cultures. I suppose that this reflect my being a person that seek changes and renew all the time. So, butterflies will always fly around me and in my images! :-)

I'm not the only one that loves butterflies, as I see in Dreamstime archive, when searching for pictures under this keyword.

Here is some choice, including some of mine, of course!

© Mshake
© Tihis

© Jut

Photo credits: Dreamstime Agency, Jut, Michael Shake, Saniphoto, Starblue, Tihis.

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Nice - I like the book with butterflies that was highlighted in another blog today about reading!


Super loveliness!


They are beautiful creatures, and the photos above a very good.

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