Love padlock are italian tradition only?

Hello, probably thise is a stupid blog' but I am curious about a thing. In italy there is a tradition that two lovers put a padlock with their name . In my town, Lecce,italy, the padlocks are in the most important square.

These tradition is it present in other city?

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June 19, 2013


In the United States Love Locks can be seen at...

St. George, Utah, USA
Love padlocks can be seen in Guam's "Two Lovers' Point" (Puntan dos Amantes). Couples would usually affix the lock to the metal barrier on the viewing deck overlooking the ocean, usually with their names on it or even important dates.[15] A variation of this is the use of plastic bag tags[16] that are sometimes purchased at the nearby souvenir shop when a conventional padlock is unavailable. Recently, Chicago has seen the rise of this tradition. The DuSable bridge (also known as the Michigan Avenue Bridge) has become a popular location for couples to affix their locks.

In Marquette, Michigan an unknown couple have started the trend by attaching a love padlock to the Presque Isle Lookout.

In the city of Napa, CA: a small pedestrian foot bridge connecting the Napa Valley Wine Train station to the Wine Train's boarding platform has been dedicated to lovers all over the world.

In the City of San Diego, CA: on...

June 18, 2013


In Sydney now too.

June 18, 2013


There is a lovers bridge in Paris France. Near the Notre Dame.

June 18, 2013


hi, in the USA.. I have never heard of this at all! how interesting!

June 17, 2013


In Russia it is done not simply by lovers but during the wedding. Look at a bridge in Moscow, near Kremlin where there are THOUSANDS of such padlocks:

 Love Tree with honeymooner locks 

PS. When I lived in Puglia, in Bari I visited your town several times. It's really wonderful. Please pass my best greetings to it :)

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