Love watching confidence grow

I know that my portfolio is only small and that I use my son in lot of my photos.

He is amongst some of my most popular downloads.

But because I have used him, so often I can see how he has grown just by looking on Dreamstime.

How through the seasons the colour of his hair changes to a lighter shade of blonde.

but you can also see that his confidence growing as a model, working with me to get the story across.

The other thing that I can see is how my own photography has improved over this time

capturing my young man slowly changing.

We have been working together, (what seems to him so long) he has now become interested in his own image making.

So with patience and time you learn about photography and also you are teaching your child the joys of photography as they grow up.

The next generation of photographers on Dreamstime.

Photo credits: Chimeandsense.

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April 02, 2014


Great images and great love :-) Congratulations!

March 31, 2014


Thank you again, your lovely comments have really boosted my confidence. I just need to take more. xxx

March 27, 2014


Your images are amazing... COngratulatons.

March 27, 2014


Congratulations for the beautiful portraits, baby is very sweet, I love all the pictures that "Can we fix the world." I hope that my child, in the future you're passionate about photography.

March 26, 2014



March 26, 2014


Thank you, This was my first attempt at writing a blog, but I feel really proud of Pat, how he is slowing turning into a real little gentleman. I just want the world to know as well, and as for his photography, I think I will have to watch my back, he is catching up fast, plus he knows how to work both sides of the lens

March 26, 2014


Great article and photos Anne! Its great when kids take interest in the things their parents enjoy

March 26, 2014


Nice photos! I'm sure your son already became a good photographer, too!

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