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Back in 1997 or 1998, when the web was still sort of in its infancy with regards to the mainstream, I stumbled upon a few 3D art websites. The sites contained varied pieces such as surrealistic landscapes that were highly appealing. Had a litte go round with Bryce 3D for awhile, but other obligations just didn't let me devote the time I wanted to it.

Fast forward to 2002, and I came across Strata 3D, which is more geared towards object creation. Seeing as I had a few industrial clients at the time, it enabled me to visualize in art form some machinery parts and industrial components. Strata is rather pricey, but there are other programs out there that are free or lower cost so that you can delve into it without breaking the bank.

Now in 2008, with some new found leisure time, I have been focusing on holiday illustrations and objects. For me, the hardest part about the 3D work is the main idea or concept. But once you have one, visualizing your concept in 3D is fun and very gratifying.

My studio photography background helps a lot. because once you build your object or scene, you can aim a program camera at it, and add lighting as desired.

In the example illustration, each chain link is placed separately and the positioned to my desire. After basic lighting, I then added a special light source with a filter to give the sort of disco effect on the heart. Ever tried to photograph a heart in chains? Not very likely that it can be achieved. But in 3D, it becomes reality.

An early Happy Valentines's Day to All!

Photo credits: Niagaragirl.

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