Loving Dreamstime

I joined up on Dreamstime on May 12, 2008 and was really not sure if I would make it or not as a member cause so many other Stock sites turned me down instantly because of my photography style. Animal photography is my main subject of shooting and all the other sites said come back in a month or two when you have shot some thing different. I waited 9 days for my pictures to start going through the review process. At first I did not understand why it took so long to review the pictures because all the other sites seemed to review things the same day but I never complained but researched to find out the reason why. Many people that had been here for a year or more kept on telling people to be patient the reason is because Dreamstime actually takes the time to review the picture instead of just approving or denying which now made sense of why it takes longer to get pictures reviewed and I am grateful for the reviewers to take the time and effort to review each individual picture.

On May 21st when my pictures started being reviewed I had some from my first batch make it and some that did not. I was a little upset that some of my favorite pictures that have been popular with many people throughout the years did not make it do to "This is a well covered subject" but after a day or two I got over it and figured at least some of my pictures made it and that was at least a foot in the door for me in the stock industry. Dreamstime gave me a chance and that actually made me happy especially at that time because the only pictures I had in my collection of photos was animals. To my surprise two days after my first pictures got approved I made my first sale and then a few days later I made my second. I made two sales in the first week of pictures going online. My sales each month have been going up which is such a great thrill for me because I planned on giving up on stock photography since no site seemed to want animals until that lucky day on May 12th I discovered dreamstime through an article my husband had sent me.

The first couple of weeks on Dreamstime was a challenge for me cause I was going through several thousand pictures and the ones I did upload to be reviewed became a learning experience cause a lot of those pictures did get denied mainly all denied for the same reason "This is a well covered subject". Mainly all the photos denied had been photos I had taken a long time before joining Dreamstime so many of the pictures had been several years old. After going through all the old stuff I started becoming more picky about what I was uploading when it came to my new photos I was taken and I noticed a trend that my pictures started to be approved more. My acceptance ratio in May was only 44.6% but each month it goes up and now my acceptance ratio so far this month is 83.2%. I am still learning when it comes to Stock photography but I am also more willing to take different styles of photography now because of wanting to learn more through Dreamstime. Some times my new style of photography that I am exploring is a hit and some times it is a miss but that goes with the territory of wanting to learn more to better yourself.

I am quite happy when it comes to Dreamstime because they did give me a chance when no other stock site would. I have learned so much from the photographers that have been here for a long time plus from the staff. The community here is great and many people are willing to help when some one has a question about some thing. Plus I have already accomplished many goals I have set for myself which I did not think would happen for a long time.

Even though I struggled at the beginning I have to say I am loving Dreamstime.

Thanks Dreamstime Staff and the Community for teaching me so much and I look forward to learning more in the future :)

Photo credits: Susan Pettitt.

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September 22, 2008


Thank your husband for us, otherwise we would have missed out on these wonderful shots... I have so enjoyed viewing your portfolio.

September 22, 2008


Good luck your photos are lovely. I wish you the best. Ciao

September 22, 2008


Thank you Susan for an uplifting article. Nice way to start the week. I am on some other stock sites but I am really enjoying the atmosphere here. I joined on August 30, 2008 so I guess it has been about three weeks now but I've made five sales so far. A long way to go before I get to your 100 but it's nice to see someone make progress! What I find is that each site has a little different clientele and it takes awhile to figure that out. I'm not sure I have yet. I'm afraid I don't have a specific style unless it's eclectic. Oh well, that's the story of my life - lots of different focuses. But you have a beautiful portfolio so keep up the good work.

September 21, 2008


Good luck Susan!
Lovely photos - keep up the good work!

September 20, 2008



I had much the same experience as you've had, except that I didn't have one particular interest when I started on DT. Initially I too had a lot of rejected photos here, but over time I began to figure out more and more what works and what doesn't. My photographs (or at least the ones I choose to submit) have improved a lot as a result. Unintentionally I've found a niche taking and posting NASCAR racing photos, and that success has lead me to ranch out into other areas as well. You are not alone! Great job, good luck and continued success.

September 19, 2008


I totally agree about the feeling of community here and the ability to put forward your own style of photography. Congrats on sticking with it and your subsequent achievements!

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