loving joshua tree

I recently spent some time in the gorgeous Joshua Tree National Park.. I was lucky enough to be there for a few days so i was able to study the best lighting conditions and plan my shoot out in advance.

I was mostly shooting high def video footage, but i took the time to get some stills as well. Normally JT is cloudless so i got lucky with these gorgeous clouds. It felt like being a kid in a candy store with an unlimited tab.

Photo credits: Tara Golden.

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May 18, 2011


...... and right from the time I saw that movie The Ten Commandments, I fell in love with that name Joshua.

December 09, 2008


It has been Beautiful here! Tara, the Joshua Tree is a dinosaur and now an endangered tree. Most rangers will tell you that due to global warming biologist predict it's demise in about 100 years!

December 09, 2008


special trees! I envy you can be so good a National Park for some days!

December 07, 2008


Nice shots Tara. Can't wait to get out there myself one day!

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