In Loving Memory

old sleeping dog heaven

In loving Memory


Feb 1994

Sept 22nd 2009 10:30 AM

Hooch you lived your life to its fullest!

You gave me joy and peace.

When I was down,

You would make me smile.

I will miss your kisses.

When I came in the door.

You loved me unconditionally.

Now you are gone and I am sad.

I know this was best for you.

I hope I wasn’t selfish and

Kept you too long. Or let you

Go too soon.

There is no more pain

You have to endure

Only peace

No one will ever take your place

In my heart there you will be

Forever and always

Hugs and kisses to you Hooch

Your Mom


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Photo credits: Dmccale.
  • Dmccale
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November 04, 2009

thanks Tan I look at his photos everyday.It is so hard.15 years.I still tell him good night and prob will for a long time.Thanks for sharing
Hugs Debbie


November 04, 2009

yes, many times in life, our best friends are the ones who were there unconditionally. crying when we cry, laughing when we laugh, and leaving us when we least want them to.
i still miss my two cats which both lived till 90 years human age ,
and both had to be put asleep due to that crippling feline disease that drove them from a fat cat into a pile of bones in a matter of 60 days.
but somehow i feel they are with me since then, looking at me through eyes of a sparrow or a blue jay.
where else can one find a better friend? one who knows not about animal's friendship knows little about that special giving.


October 10, 2009

Thank you Littlemac


October 10, 2009

Sorry for your loss of such a great friend.


September 24, 2009

SOOOO cute and those eyes are amazing


September 24, 2009

My two girls :D

   Woman and cat       Cat   

and my mom's
(yup, she's cross eyed)

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   


September 24, 2009

Thanks everyone Eclec I love the photo of your baby . I am sorry for your lost. and yes he was named after the movie.He drooled!!!Marilynv cute dogs.Brad It looks like your son loves his baby!!!
Hugs to all our pets.They make me smile!!!


September 23, 2009

so sorry,

RIP Hooch


September 23, 2009

So very sorry for your great loss. Remember all the good times you had together. Since you asked that we post our own pet photos, here is one that always makes me smile: My two loves, Abby and Gracie...

Best regards,


September 23, 2009

Wow, I read your blog and started crying because we just lost our dog Mickey, a 14 year old Australian shepherd on September 12th. He was born on October 23, 1995. I had him for a good portion of my growing up years and it was very hard to lose him, but we were beginning to see that he was suffering. You can see a picture of him here: ***.com

P.S. Was Hooch named for the movie "Hooch"?


September 23, 2009

So sad to hear about Hooch... Here is our dog with my son - she is about 12 now, 10 in the photo.

   Child walking dog   


September 23, 2009

 Dog loving his music  with headphones 
Thanks everyone. If you have a photo of your loving pet. Post it here and make, us all smile.This is Miles best friends to Hooch.He loves Music
Hugs Debbie



September 23, 2009

I'm really sorry for your loss, but there are some hard decisions that are to be made. You're a very brave person.
Good bye, Hooch, I'm sure you lived an interesting and joyful life, you even became famous)


September 23, 2009

Very sad news indeed. But I'm sure you did the right thing and you don't have to worry if it was too soon or too late!
Nikitu is right, by reading the title of the blog I knew what it was about and and it brought me to tears. But when I read about Hooches welcome kisses it made me smile. All the best to you!! *hugs* Inga


September 23, 2009

oh I'm sorry for your loss


September 23, 2009

I know how you feel, Debbie. My Donny left me in 2004, and I sometimes still can't believe he's not with me. But maybe he's somewhere out there with Hooch :)
Your blog really moved me.


September 23, 2009

That's sad and joyful in the same time, you don't know if to laugh or to cry. If I think he died I feel like crying, if I read the first part I feel like smiling.
Good bye Hooch, and you have my support Debbie, you're a brave mom.


September 23, 2009

So sad news, we're with you, Debbie!


September 23, 2009

This year so many people find their peace (I hope!).

God rest his soul.


September 22, 2009

Sad news, very sorry to hear of your loss.