Low A.R. forgiveness...(but only once!)

Hello there, having started a short while ago uploading, I had to go through the initial common mistakes newbies make. My A.R. at the beginning was very low (17.2 %).

Now, less than three months later, I got the hang of it and improved a lot to close to 70%.

Why not give newbies a chance? it is hard enough to struggle with small portfolios and getting the first few sales but also to have to raise the average of the A.R. to get the images well positioned on searches. This could take several discouraging months.

So here's my idea: take away the month with lowest A.R. percentage to help us on the difficult challenge of selling stock photographs. Only once.

DT always gave me a sense of community and I always found answers to so many questions I had and still have, from either administrators or fellow contributors, so what you think?

Let's give the DT Community an opportunity to prove itself one more time!

Photo credits: Sergio Vila.

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October 06, 2011


Its been discussed many times on many threads that your A.R. might have an effect on search placement. If that's the case, it will hurt your sales.

August 01, 2011


I personally feel that AR do not have anything to do with sales directly. Yes it puts a condition by limiting number of uploads. Hence, if you are a full timer who is hurt with a low AR due to previous months, it affects by not allowing you to upload some potential files for a certain time period (preventing sales for the duration).

Pls Correct me if I am wrong...

March 01, 2011


So, ended February with 71.10% acceptance after the fourth month of uploading. And my average is still at 40.1%.
Oh well, I guess this is the way it's always been and everybody had to go through the same.
C'est la vie...

February 27, 2011


"I think that your keywording is hurting you more in comparison"
I enter the title of my images and I find them...I thought it would be redundant to repeat the same words as the title. Wow, this is an important tip, thanks.

Going back to the original argument, not criticizing the system, just suggesting a way to maybe improve it.
The evidence I got comes from comments of contributors and administrators on threads and blogs I read on DT, not my personal experience (although the only three sales I have, happened when my Ratio was high...).

Thanks for your input and taking the time to go over my portfolio!

February 26, 2011


I don't think it is 'unfair' in that everyone is up against the same system. We all have to deal with the effect that the early months had on our AR.

Do you have any evidence that low AR is actually hurting your sales? I think that your keywording is hurting you more in comparison. For example, your best selling image is titled 'Father and son', yet neither of those words are in your keywords. Someone searching on 'father and son' will have a hard time finding this photo... Same with 'Police boat', 'Iguana', etc. You have put the best words in the title and left them out of the keywords... Hope this info helps - not trying to be critical :)

February 26, 2011


Thanks Bradcalkins for the link, read all of it. No doubt that the A.R. forces contributors to maintain a level of quality on their submissions and I agree that is an excellent method. It filters out thousands of photos that would end up with the reviewers making the whole process to slow down.
In my case, coming from a different type of photography, found myself having to learn many aspects of stock that I never had to deal before.
And it seems unfair, that those few days of refusals will affect my percentage and maybe sales for many months ahead.

February 26, 2011


Have a read of this thread. The admins basically stated they would consider such an idea, and then rejected it. Achilles stated "We value the suggestions given but the current structure works as the best compromise between old and new users. " I tend to agree - many of us worked hard to improve or were very careful in the beginning. Back when this was discussed in the other thread, the AR was a serious limit to new upload. Since then they have ramped up the amount you can upload and also made it weekly so you should be able to dig yourself out of any hole with new uploads.

I think the main point of the AR is to force contributors to be harder on themselves - the AR system serves to eliminate files that won't be accepted from being reviewed in the first place.

February 26, 2011


Drspix, I'm not an expert and DT is a very successful stock agency. But I believe that there's always room for improvements. Obviously, I'm suggesting to do this one time for new contributors or maybe for the first 25 or so submissions until the new photographer learns the standards.
I wonder if this small "boost" to new members could help lower the dropout rate of new contributors, this way increasing the number of photographers and images.
That helps DT and it's members right?

February 26, 2011


I understand the argument. I too am starting out and find I have a low acceptance ratio (A.R.). Might it be a good compromise to do a 'reset' where you start at zero?

But is it fair to DreamsTime to add this extra administrative burden for the benefit of those who do not submit images of the standards the site requires?

I am starting to think the answer is "yes", and I agree with Sergio. Every site has different standards. Every site. You can't always predict how your images will fare based on looking through their existing collection. After all, OUR new images are unique, are they not? ;-)

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