LUCBAN CHURCH - my first approved IMAGE

LUCBAN is the home of the AMAZING "PAHIYAS FESTIVAL"...a festivity that happens every year, every 15th of MAY to honor the PATRON saint of the FARMER...LUCBAN is the municipality in QUEZON PROVINCE in the PHILIPPINES, It is about 120 kilometers south of Manila...LUCBAN is the next town after TAYABAS CITY... There are many other interesting places within the town of LUCBAN, one of which is the "KAMAY NI HESUS" SHRINE...The town of LUCBAN can be reached by public can ride a bus bound for LUCENA CITY, the travel from MANILA to LUCENA CITY is about 3 to 4 hours...then you can take an airconditioned van or jeepney from LUCENA going to LUCBAN...a one hour travel from LUCENA to LUCBAN is very refreshing with fresh air and rejuvenating green view of towering trees and plants along the can also take a stop at KAMAYAN sa PALAISDAAN RESTAURANT (located at TAYABAS CITY) with floating bamboo raft relaxing ambiance where delicious foods are served at reasonable price...if you want to travel to LUCBAN or QUEZON PROVINCE, you can contact me at +639332263658

Lucban Church

Photo credits: Penstrikes.
  • Penstrikes

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November 16, 2014

Thanks Rhbabiak13 for your comment and encouragement


November 15, 2014

Congratulations! Here's to many more.


November 12, 2014

Thank you


November 12, 2014

Congratulations, that looks a lovely old church.