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A pinch of luck is always welcome... There would have been times when you had cursed the weather for being a spoil sport and ruining all your effort for that perfect picture you had thought of capturing.

Recently I was visiting the Safdarjungs Tomb in New Delhi, India and had always pictured of taking a shot with the reflections of this monument in one of its fountain pools. But to my total dismay when I reached there i found the pool all dry (Delhi faces acute water shortage during summers) and was so disappointed but since nothing can be done I thought I would rather spend a few hours taking some snaps than returning empty handed.

But weather gods seemed to be pleased by some random good deed that I might have done in the past and the weather started changing it was getting dark and a few drizzles and a dust storm later there was a heavy pour and the pool which was dry now had filled up with a thin layer of water from rain.

My happiness knew no bounds when I jumped into the pool to get capture the shot that I wanted to take...

(Note: the egret image is just a place holder as I have just uploaded the picture I am talking about here and its still under review . Selected or not this would be one of the images I will remember for ever.)

Photo credits: Ravi Kumar.

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June 15, 2014


Patience pays :-)

June 15, 2014


A good luck !

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