The lucky strike

You want to make a photo of something - an event of whatever and suddenly a totally

different subject lets your photographic bell rings...

Probably many of us know this phenomenon.

It happened to me during a traditional bicycle competition in the center of Nuremberg, Germany.

Of course, since "action" photos are of major interest I made photos of these

well trained athletes riding their bikes with full speed.

© Jdanne
© Jdanne
© Jdanne
© Jdanne
© Jdanne

But suddenly it hits me - this medieval fountain at the market place in Nuremberg.

It was originally designed as the peak of a church but the ancient structural designers

realized that this peak was too heavy for the church so they made a fountain out

of it.

© Jdanne

Needless to say that this is a major tourist attraction and I know this fountain since many years. But during the bicycle race there was a podium from which I could zoom in this lovely fountain from a quite different angle of view across the heads of all spectators.

Non of my bicycle photos got a sale so far but this fountain was sold today!

Photo credits: Jdanne.


lucky strike

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October 03, 2011


Nice photos Jdanne, congratulations!

October 03, 2011


Beautiful images!!!

October 02, 2011


That's a great story! The biking images are great and so is the fountain. Thanks for sharing this with us. Sometimes, in the race to get good images, we don't consider our surroundings fully. I'm glad that you did. :)

October 01, 2011


Happens a lot :) Nice images and congrats on your sale!

October 01, 2011


Nice images Joerg, congratulations!

September 30, 2011


Oh yes this has happened many times and we end up with something more than what we thought of.
Good that you have shared the history and the importance of the fountain.

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