Lucky to live in Rome

Big cities....

Big cities Vs countryside.

A nature lover should live outside, in contact with wildlife and wild environments...

But I live in Rome.

And I'm happy of it.

Because sometimes you get up and you can maybe smell 3000 years of human history.

You walk over places were humans raised huuuge monuments that resisted weather-ages-and wars... can see everyday thousands of people you've never seen before and you will never (maybe) see again...

...masterpieces mixed up together...

It's a pleasure,

living in Rome.

Rome photo collection

Photo credits: , Paolo Cipriani.

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nice photos of your city!


And there's football, and there are only Rome, but Man United and Barcelona!

It was awsome last night!


well....I misssed it :P

but I felt it because there was a mess in Rome..

more than usual.


And Paolo how about getting an opportunity to watch Championship Final...You are lucky man.


Thanx a lot to everybody!

If you come here, I can show you some special places.

Surely I'll add lot of pics soon :)

Thanxxxx a lot again!


Beautiful images!!!I can only imagine what that feeling is, to walk such ancient streets and feel the energy of history. Keep up the good work.


Nice photos & yes it is beautiful... :)


WOW!! I have read books set in Rome - such as Ben-Hur or The Robe - your photos looks just like what I imagined!!! I can just picture characters from The Robe (Marcellus and Diana) in "Tiber at Sunset." I wish I could visit Rome someday!!!


I wish I lived in Rome!

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