Lucky you in summer!

Lately I've seen a few blogs about the lovely summer weather you are having. Lucky you! We have just gone into winter here in New Zealand. Although it does have its good points. The parks and walks are emptier. The mist in the mornings is wonderful. Everything is so peaceful and the birds have all stopped at our local lake for a visit before heading somewhere warmer. I guess every season has its good points. Stay warm :0)

Photo credits: , Wildmac.

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Of course! Well, each season.
Spring - the birth of life and the appearance of heat. Summer - riot of colors and emotions. Autumn - the brightness of jazz and tranquility of nature. Winter - Crazy shade and a white fluffy cover land...
Just to see...


yes i have to admit the ones of the lake are my favourite, hard to believe that lake of ours looks so mind you i never walk around at the right time. Pity i couldn't get the same feel in my illustrations. :-)


Greeaat! I love lakes! Mine is nice in the winter, also, so I know what you mean...and playing in the cold suits me fine. Many opportunities to see for miles around from a mountain top!


Beautiful images.


Very nice images! I would giva away summer in 2 seconds for being in NZ again... :)


Thank you everyone for your comments. :0) It was cold today but i got out and took some more winter shots. It is becoming my favorite season!


I can almost feel the cold in these images, nice shots Carolyne...


wonderful photos!!


Hey, lovely photos! I like the third one most! Good luck with them!


Nice Shots! Good luck with them
Cheers :)


Thank you Macdaddy, I love your graphics. Wish that graphics programmes and I were on better terms. Photoshop and I are speaking again though! lol :0) Thank you too Rebeccaosborn.


fabulous photos.. love the beautiful blue mist and stillness of these images!

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