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Lucy...I'm Home! you got a lotta 'splainin' to do!

Well, here it is, January and I have been home from Iraq now for two months now. Even with the holidays, I have managed to add over 100 new images to my portfolio, and many more are on their way.

Being away from my family was absolutely NO FUN, but the extra money I saved being away has given me the opportunity to get new gear. So, for Christmas I got a new set of strobes from RPS studios. Not exactly high end equipment, but reliable and adjustable output, so I am loving it! Not to mention it comes with a wireless trigger system that makes me wonder how I ever did it with that silly PS Synch cord!

Along with that, I am also going to be ordering a brand new Canon EOS 5D body. With all the work I have been doing and having less and less "poor lighting setup" rejections and more "purple fringing" rejections, I have figured out that my 350D is just being pushed way too hard. I spend alot of time post processing images that would be fine for upload had I had a better camera. So, I saved up and should have it here in the next 10 day!

Dreamstime has always been a big part of the growing up process for me. I remember what it was like when I started here less than two years ago and all the silly, stupid mistakes I made and the ridiculous images I was uploading to pass off as stock. I am so thankful for this industry and all the people who are a part of it and are willing to give and teach. I couldn't have done it without you!

Now, make a quick comment and get back to SHOOTING!!! lol

Photo credits: , Jason Schulz.

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January 10, 2008


The little girl in the picture frame is wonderful. Welcome home...and thanks!

January 08, 2008


from one veteran to another, THANK YOU !!!

January 08, 2008


Jay, glad you are back and safe ... you amaze me with the photography you are doing ... good luck

January 07, 2008


but ricky...

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