Lumberjack - great day shooting forest work

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Leaving early morning with a group of woodcutters to see the forest workers day through the lens. Weather seems to be promising, so I'm looking forward interesting time outdoors :)

I had packed tripod, fast lens, thermos with hot tea and warm clothes. Shooting in the forest could be tricky. If you want morning misty pictures of few light beams, you just need to find good place, put camera on tripod and use longer time ... and you almost done. But lumberjack is fast moving creature, so you have to be fast too. Forget the tripod (unless you photographing just models pretending to do some work) and I didn't wanted to use flash either, to keep lighting natural. So to take good picture, you need to find place with enough light. Ideally at the forest edge or around the clearing. (but tell that to the tree selectors ;)

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Photo shoot went quite well, although most of the pictures deeper in the forest were not ideal for stock (because of the light) I had a few opportunities to enjoy sunlit scene around the clearing.

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And lumberjack as an occupation? Hard work! I was lucky to share sunny, not too hot day with them, but spending hours in rain or winter snowy weather is another story....

If you looking for lumberjack, chainsaw or forest work images, I created collection on that theme from all DT pictures: Lumberjack, Forest work Collection

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Any tips on equipment or "how to" rainy shots?


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April 07, 2012


Nice photos!

April 06, 2012


YOur images are amazing, good luck.

April 06, 2012


Thanks Peanutroaster :)) Yep, it could be tricky with safety sometimes. Luckily all woodcutter I know still have them all. Though, chain saw art is more dangerous in cutting fingers off I guess. Forest workers are usually hit by branches or falling tree.

April 06, 2012


Nice collection, very good work, congratulations!

April 06, 2012


Very interesting collection !

April 05, 2012


Nice collection. I met a chain saw artist up in Maine a few years back. We were talking and I joked about if he still had all his fingers. He laughed and showed me his hands - he had lost three fingers over the years!

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