Macro, cheaply

Wanted to share a couple of images which are now online that I shot using extension tubes.

The first was fairly easy of inanimate objects.

The one with the spider was a bit difficult given that it was fidgeting around its web and it was a bit windy as well that day. I tried to maintain a fair distance from the spider by using a 50mm lens instead of a 28mm one with the extension tube. Stopped the

aperture down so I'd get most of its body in focus, and cranked the ISO up. Luckily the wind stayed quiet just at the right time.

The worst part though was cutting the background out!

Photo credits: R S Vivek.

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August 20, 2011


very beautiful photo, the problem as you say is to remove the background specially if you donĀ“t have Photoshop!

August 20, 2011


Nice one, I to use a bit of a cheap route to Macro but use a raynox DCR150 diopter to get my results although sometimes I do focus stack in order to improve my dof :D

I admire your patience whilst extracting the spider from the background!

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