She made my day!

I've always wanted to recieve a comment from a buyer and I was always happy for those of you who already had a comment. I haven't recieve a comment till this morning!

"Beautiful and very well photographed. I will love to use this in my artwork. Your work is great! Oh, and sure I will send a link to the finished work, when I do it. thanks so much!"

She's great! I really thank you K. and I wish all buyers were like you!

Don't forget to send me the final result! Cheers! :)))

Photo credits: Desislava Vasileva.

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June 21, 2009


I am late by a day. Nevertheless congratulations and I am sure you are enjoying the new poetry of your life.

June 19, 2009


great! it's a wonderful feeling to read something like that!

June 13, 2009


you are so luck!

June 10, 2009


Yes, it's very beautiful!

June 08, 2009


That is great .And a cool art work.I had one designer leave me a link to mine.It is a great feeling.

June 07, 2009


Woow, I have a compliment from Mr Grafic Designer himself! :))))

June 07, 2009


Wow you're so lucky and she's so right.

June 06, 2009


Great comment indeed. I think every artist likes to know where their "baby" will be. But it's understandable also, that every designer don't have time to write how he gonna use one of those hundreds images he bought. So I guess we just have to enjoy those rare beautiful comments and take every DL as a compliment to out creativity.
14 and counting, right? ;) Best wishes!

June 04, 2009


That sure is an encouraging comment! Wish you many more such pleasant,well deserved surprises:)

June 04, 2009


Hehe :))) Irisangel, I hope so ... somewhere in the middle of july, when I'll be back.

June 04, 2009


Great way to start the day! And we are all waiting to see some new, "Beautiful Bride" shots, (Of you, of course.) Good luck!

June 04, 2009


WOW! That is terrific!!!! I haven't had any comments yet from buyers (but I haven't had many sales yet, either). :)

June 04, 2009


When she sends you a link ... be sure to post it for all to see. ...and yes, you do nice work.

June 04, 2009


Nice, and indeed a fine and well photographed work

June 04, 2009


Nice! I've had one response but the magazine here who has gotten some of mine didn't let me know! (I guess they figured I'd see it.)

June 04, 2009


Congratulations to the beautiful comment, I must say I love comments from buyers as well :-) Suddenly you know that the image is appreciated concretely :-) I wish you to have many such comments and for now - happy and exiting preparations for your wonderful day! :-)

June 04, 2009


It's really hard if you download a lot of images in a day to leave a comment to all photos ... but you can't image what happiness is having that comment!

The wedding is on june, 20th. 16 days more .... wooowww. I'm getting more and more exiting each day :) I found a pro photographer. But there also will be a lot of friends hobby photographers with DSLRs.

And don't think I won't be shooting :))))

June 03, 2009


Hi there, Littledesire! Thanks for passing on the encouragement. I hope other buyers will take the time to express appreciation as well. It can be difficult if you have to get a lot of images in a day for, say, a graphics design job. I'm blessed to be a full time artist in charge of my own day. So I try to pass around a little of the joy. And you're getting married? Congrats to you!!

June 03, 2009


That is nice, an example for a buyer & a photographer on DT :)
Waiting for my invitation :))

June 03, 2009


nice! congrats!

I'm also curious about your wedding and your search for a photographer?!!

June 03, 2009


btw when is your wedding day??? did you find a photographer????

June 03, 2009


So finally you got one,,,,,, dream after all its dreamstime.

June 03, 2009


Wish you all have that kind of surprise in the morning!

June 03, 2009


Such a lovely comment both well deserved and well earned. It makes the entire day shine a little more! :)

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