Made it to 200 Sales!

I am so very happy, I finally made it to 200 sales!

At the beginning I thought this would never happen, but perseverance made it possible. I have to thank Dreamstime for helping me develop as a photographer by sometimes denying a photo that I thought had potential.

Questioning made me ask, Why? Why? Why? but as I asked the questions I was developing my skills. My skills have really improved and I am no longer taking photos of Everything! although sometimes when the light strikes something just right I have to run for the camera! I have only been serious about Dreamstime for about a year and my acceptance rate and RPD continues to improve. Here's to another 200 sales sooner than later and continued growth in RPD!

Photo credits: 4snickers.

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June 27, 2014


Thank you everyone for your kind support! Dreamstime is a fabulous community! I really appreciate it!

June 27, 2014


Well done!

June 26, 2014


Awesome, Congratulations !

June 26, 2014


Congrats and go for many more!

June 26, 2014


Congratulations!!! Good luck with future sales.

June 26, 2014


Congratulations! I agree that Dreamstime helps us to learn and improve when an image does not get accepted. Keep up the good work!

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