The Magic of Monotone Photos

Monotone photos are powerfully simple and convey emotion like few types of photos can. With all extraneous color eliminated, we are left only with light and shape. Add to that a single color and the image is more powerful than its individual parts.

In previous posts I’ve discussed the color red and the emotions it conveys. Let’s talk about some other colors for a moment. Blue for instance, conveys cold, lonely, depressed emotions. “I’m feeling blue today,” is a popular phrase in the English language that simply means “I feel lonely or sad.”

But this is not all, blue also portrays the idea of clean freshness.

Sepia tones also convey emotions, most usually age and nostalgia.

Orange and yellow on the other hand, express a feeling of vibrancy and life.

© Ma4c1n

If you use any type of photo editing software, converting an image to a monotone can be done with just a few clicks. So next time you are preparing photos to upload here at Dreamstime, try a monotone image. You never know, maybe your monotone photo will be a winner.

Good luck and I hope to see you out shooting!

Photo credits: Kutt Niinepuu, Lane Erickson, Marcin Jagiellicz, Miketanct, Steven Crabbé.

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March 17, 2011


Great pictures and blog.

March 16, 2011


Thanks everyone for the encouraging remarks. Thanks especially to Julia161 and Bradcalkins for posting photos that look awesome!

March 16, 2011


Really good tips.
thank you

March 15, 2011


Beautiful shots

March 15, 2011


Thanks for the tips! Much appreciated!

March 15, 2011


Great blog, thanks for sharing!

March 15, 2011


I like you post! And I love your sepia tone pictures :-)

March 15, 2011


I will try this out! Thanks for sharing.

March 15, 2011


It is very nice!!!

March 15, 2011


great blog thanks

March 15, 2011


nice pic and i like them also.

March 14, 2011


Good tips. Thanks for sharing. Will do that next time.

March 14, 2011


Very beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing, I wish you good luck!

March 14, 2011


Love monotone images, too!!!
 Musician with keyboard 

March 14, 2011


I agree, while giving the designer the original image makes it more flexible, sometimes you can add to the impact of an otherwise well covered photo by going monotone. I recently used red to convey 'hot' in this image:

 Boiling kettle 

March 14, 2011


thanks for sharing and beautiful pictures

March 14, 2011


I like your picture from the piano

March 14, 2011


Thank you for sharing, nice and interesting blog!

March 14, 2011


Great blog.

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