The magic of shooting in RAW

I've been shooting in Digital form for a little less than a year now, up to this point I have not got the guts or the time to shoot in RAW format, I was always dependent on the JPG format which is directly produced by the camera...

Until I finally decided to explore how this whole RAW thing works out... I had a good incentive too, I was going to shoot a night photography session with relatively long exposures (30 seconds), so I thought this might be the right time to make use of this...

The experience turned out to be great, the main virtues I found for shooting in RAW are:

(1) Being able to select the color temperature (white balance) of the shot, which turned out being a great option

(2) More control over the quality of the image in terms of how the final product should look like

It was overall a positive experience for me and a big motivation to continue shooting in RAW format...

Please find below a couple of samples from my first RAW experiment :)

© Rraheb ( Help)
© Rraheb ( Help)

Photo credits: Rraheb.

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September 18, 2007


very great images, indeed...keep going

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