The Magic World of Light - Yuanmou Clay Forest

Yuanmou clay forest

The mystical Forest of Earth Pillars is situated in Yuanmou Town, on the north side of Yunnan Province. The nature scenery is a masterpiece carved by wind and rain. With the area of 800 Mu, there are more than 300 scenic spots, such as the golden pillars standing in great numbers, the jade belt surrounding the waist, full of grass growing on head in towering rage, the ancient castle standing strongly fortified. A pillar looks like man standing alone, two look like a couple of lover relying on each other and talking quietly in whisper, groups look like singers and dancers. The double peaks are standing facing each other as the opening Heaven Gate. Yellow and white bamboo shoot is reaching into the sky. The tourists can enjoy pillars like, human or thing, birds or animals.

Photo credits: Nomad1314.

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April 16, 2008


wow,beautiful! nice shots! i like it

April 10, 2008


great scenery and nice shots!

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