Magical effect of Chinese characters.

In China new year, the Chinese must paste the lunar new year's painting in oneself room with the front door was this " 福" word that was stuck most." 福" (This Chinese character pronounces in Chinese reads FU).It mean that expects the new year is smoother, richer, safer ....

If you come to China during New Year, you will find an interesting thing, a lot of Chinese families like inverting and sticking this " 福" word on the door.

Maybe you feel that does not understand, what meaning is this? Because among Chinese character, " 福" the Chinese character invert, come to watch it, In Chinese understanding and pronunciation, its meaning is" 福" has come to a close you. . Perhaps this is the place where Chinese character is interesting too.

My English is not good, I did not know whether said clearly for everybody?

Photo credits: Linqong.

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January 29, 2008


Great images and explanation of custom. Thank you for sharing.

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