The magical hour of twilight

Tropical island sunset

forest trail landscape

The twilight hours of morning and night have always been what I consider the magical hours.

Photographers and outdoor people enjoy it for it's mystical colors it can display. The colors are mostly produced by bounce light off of the clouds and atmosphere.

It is a very peaceful and magical time. In as little as an hour the world changes from day to night, or from night to day.

Have you ever just sat in the woods at twilight?

If the wind was blowing all day chances are now it will calm itself.

The animals that run around all day start to go and hide. The night time animals start to come out and make their appearance.

It's no longer day, and it's not quite night, it's somewhere in between. It's the magic hour.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.
Dave Willman
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December 07, 2007

Best light: dawn plus an hour; sunset minus one hour.


December 07, 2007

I agree with you, Dave! Sunrise time is always a lovely moment for me and my girl. So it's the best time to share feelings, words of love...and to shoot some pictures of a gorgeous landscape, too :)