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© Ninoak
© Ninoak

Last month, in May 2014, my friend told me that in Dubai will be held chess tournament. The information was little bit imprecise: The tournament was the World Chess Rapid and Blitz Championship hosted by Dubai Chess & Cultural Club. It was the highest ranked Swiss systemchess tournament ever organized.

For those who do not follow chess tournaments, the Swiss system allows to have a winner of the tournament in 10-12 rounds even if number of participants is very big, let say over 100, like in this occasion. The main aspect of the Swiss system is that opponents at each round are those with the same number of points, so after 5-6 or so rounds there will remain few players with 100% score, so the best will play among them for the title. In case of the players having same score at the end of tournaments then the rating of the opponents of each player and scoring against direct opponents will decide who is the best.

This year actual Chess World Champion Grand Master Carlsen Magnus won both Rapid and Blitz Championship becomingTriple World Chess Champion.

I came in the Dubai Chess and Cultural Club, located in Deira, on the third day while Magnus was leading the tournament after first two days, and he has also won the 11th round at beginning of third day. In the break between the rounds I asked him for a photo, following one young 8 or 9 year old girl. He accepted but not so happily because he was analyzing the games on computer with his team. The photo that was shot by the mother of the girl and was totally blurred, but not by her fault. Last week I have brought my Nikorr 18-55mm lenses from reparation because automatic focusing was not working. They have repaired it, but in first important occasion - taking photo with the triple world chess chamion (in the moment of taking photo he was yet "only classic" Chess world Champion) the Nikkor lenses and automatic focusing were blocked again:((.

Unfortunately Magnus lost the next game against Anand. I got worried if I have make him loose the concentration. It is true that Anand was the toughest possible opponent, but it was also first time that he looses the game on the tournament. (Un)Fortunately the things went complicated for Caruana

© Ninoak
, Italian Grand master - resident in Madrid, and Anand
© Ninoak
, Indian Grand Master who finished respectively second and third so at the end Magnus Carlsen was the winner of the Rapid Chess World Championship and I have a beautiful, more souvenir then a (blurred) photo (which could never pass the Dreamtimes acceptance criteria), from this chess tournament.

Photo credits: Ninoak.

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June 29, 2014


Great thanks for sharing...

June 29, 2014


Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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