Maintaining a balance

This month I celebrate my anniversary with Dreamstime as a contributor. It's been a very trying and testing year in micro stock

especially for me, since I started out being more or less a "sunday micro stock photographer" shooting only weekends for Dreamstime and others.

I never really expected to replace my day job shooting weekends only , as in a sea of 8 million images 300 odd images is not exactly an assault to pull myself out from the maddening crowd.

I imagine my work as the proverbial needle in a haystack. And for that, all good tidings and gratitude definitely have to go to the buyers who took the time and trouble to find my work and to download them for their specific needs.

Although I didn't earn a ton of money in my short time with Dreamstime, I did open this year with my first payout, so at least there is a feeling of achievement here. And since then, things are picking up and I look forward to a faster payout for the next go rounds.

Hell, I am spying jealously on this new super wideangle lens that I salivate to own before I make my return trip to Tunisia. So, that alone makes me want to sell more work with Dreamstime. lol.

That much being written , I can say that I feel I have maintained a fine balance in my portfolio with Dreamstime, some reportage, some humour, some isolated product shots, some glamour, etc

I like to expand my portfolio even more. Maybe find a niche

For now, I dedicate this blog to those who have made my portfolio a worthy cause for staying with Dreamstime. Keep downloading my work , I am going to give as much as I receive.

Thank you to all who have used my work in these past years with Dreamstime. I look forward to serving your needs even more in the coming years in this, my new side career as a contributor with Dreamstime.

Hats off to Carmen, Erin, Achilles, and all here. I would never have stayed had it not been for your fine and open communication.


And hey, I didn't forget the rest of you lot.. my regular blog friends of DT.

You rock !

Have a good one !


Photo credits: , Tan510jomast.

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Happy Anniversary!!




Happy anniversary, and congratulation for your beautiful portfolio ;)


Happy anniversary, Matt!
And congrats on your first payout!
Wish you to keep the great balance in your portfolio with all these wonderful and humorous ideas of yours!
Good luck and tons of downloads!)


Many congrats for your first payout and sharing your thoughts with us! I would have cooked something for you... but you know.. I cook as well as you! ;-) May the payouts come faster and faster!


Congrats! I like very much your breathing girl in pink, wonderful!


Yes...Happy Anniversary!!! I always look forward to your blogs and sense of humor:) You put a smile on my face, and I thank you for that:)


Happy Anniversary Matt! You have a great portfolio, I especially like your humorous images. Keep blogging, they're always a good read and you have a great sense of humor. Cheers, Carol :)


Congratulations! Nice blog about your feeling to DT, I wish you to achieve a big success and a lot of sales, keep such a good level and have a lot, a lot of ideas for new images!


This month is my BME also! Cheers everybody!
Nice work Mat! ;)


Great, congratulations..... Keep on your good work, there are still many more things to do and achieve here.


This month I will celebrate too, so Happy Dreamstime Photos to both of us!

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