Major Find — No less than 23 Photographers involved

YEAH … what a SUPER find.

Ecosystem Management Case Studies

As it was about time I thought that tonight I thought that I've have a trawl thru the net to see if I can get any positive hits …

As do I often wonder, I am sure there are many others who are always wondering, if any of the images that are selling are landing up in print anywhere, or in what format they are being indeed utilized.

I have found an online version of a published article "Ecosystem Management Case Studies" … that has made use of no less than 23 of us, from here at DT.

Ecosystem Management Case Study

This Case Study Report was prepared as a companion document to the UNEP report, ”Water security and ecosystem services: The critical connection.” The UNEP report was launched in March 2009 at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul, as a contribution to the 4th World Water Developmetn Report of the World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP).

And I am the lucky photographer who was used for the image on page 28 …

Image was purchased 03/08/2009 — This was the only instance that that particular image has made a sale to date — and as a matter of interest it was a descent sales revenue, as it was not purchased by means of subscription.

Did you make a sale around that time, on that day, well perhaps your image is in that publication detailed above … may be an interesting investigation … go check it out & let me know if you do find your goodies there.

Which page did you find your image on?

Post your name with the page number [a little free marketing for us all] …

Thanks for taking the time to get this far thru my thoughts with me today … and have a great day further … keep your shutters clicking!

Photo credits: Patrick Allen.

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June 28, 2010



June 26, 2010


Really nice find :-)

June 24, 2010


Haha! That`s wonderful! Congratulations for all those 23 photographers and thanks for sharing this with us!

June 24, 2010


That´s great! Congrats! :)

June 24, 2010


Great stuff, well done!

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