Make No. 400 a photo - please!

Most of my downloads are digital art - hardly surprising as my portfolio is.

E.g. download No 399, 398, 397, 396;

Cosmic seed

Shapes on grey

Shortcut to andromeda

Fractal meditation kaleidoscope

You get the idea. 22 credits & a sub between them, so i am more than happy. However, I have tried hard recently submitting photos and would like to see one of them downloaded - just to convince me it's worth it! And, as my next download will be the relatively minor milestone of No. 400, a photo would be great!

The kind of pics I have been taking are, I suppose, fairly obvious ones to most of you out there, but I like 'em! They include, but are not limited to, this kind of thing;

Dice snake coiled around stick

Swan in polluted water

Pasture Bottom, Lake District, England

Procession for rain, Avlioles, Corfu

I also have a collection (or should that be a flock) of sheep photos that may appeal as well as a 'tour' of the Lake District, England

In any event, if you don't like the photos, feel free to make a fractal No 400!

Photo credits: Amlyd.
  • Amlyd
FYI. Many of my pics contain the keyword amlyd. So you can use this as part of your search filter should you wish to view my pics according to their relevance. For example searching "amlyd lake district" will yield the vast majority of my lake district pics.

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August 20, 2013

Congrats for your 400 sale! Nice images!


August 20, 2013

Your digital art is awesome. I think you have talent in both areas. Keep up the great work!


August 19, 2013

You Pasture Bottom picture is very beautiful. My kind of landscape!


August 19, 2013

I love the Corfu image especially.................... it takes us back 2000 years to the period when it was believe God opened trap doors in the firmament to allow the rain to fall.


August 16, 2013

Beautiful result, congratulations!


August 15, 2013

COngratulations for your 400 sale... Your images are amazing.


August 15, 2013

Another fractal....

Many thanks anyway for the 400th sale!!