Make Sure You See It The Same Way They See It

If you’re designing Web graphics on a Macintosh, you can be sure they’re going to be viewed by lots of people using a PC, and vice versa. A design problem arises because the monitors on Macs and on PCs display with different levels of brightness. For example, if you design Web graphics on a Macintosh, they’ll look more than 10% darker when viewed on a PC using Windows. Photoshop will let you see an approximation of how those graphics will look when viewed on a PC.

Here’s how: Choose Save for Web from the File menu. Then, at the top right of the preview window you’ll see a pop-up menu called the Preview Menu. From that menu, choose Standard Windows Color to get a preview of how your currently opened graphic will look when viewed on a standard Windows monitor. Windows designers can do the same thing and view how their Web graphics will look when viewed on a Mac (they’ll look lighter). Knowing how your graphics will look on each platform will help you find a happy middle ground that looks good on both.

Photo credits: IbanMontero.


Your article must be written in English



I had no idea that was even an issue, never thought about it! Thanks for a useful tip.


Nice article, useful for everyone,
Starblue, Eclecticelegance this is can be solved if you Calibrate your monitor, which is very important.


I have noticed differences with different computers also. One of my illustrations looked very red on another computer because the monitor was more saturated!


Hello, Richard - thanks for so a nice blog! I just add that this problem isn´t just between Mac and PC, my images are so saturated and bright in one monitor (PC), in other monitors (again PC) they look pail. And even on Photoshop and in Windows browser, they might looked slightly different. I always wonder how my images see clients of DT. Have a great day!

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