Make your amateur photos more professional with Photoshop

Hi everybody

I am learning to use photoshop, this is my new project.

Powerful lessons I

•Almays remove distracting objects ruining the photo, or put a black background on a picture

•Try to Put a plain background photo and clone the person onto it.

•Make your picture POP

•Filter the background

•Change the brightness, contrast, or blurriness of the picture

•add an artistic effect, for example shadows, reflections, and glows, or just adjust the color of your picture.

I hope this will help you

Best regards

Women walking in a Ecuador street

Agapanthus flower

Dairy farm in Costa Rica

Women making tortillas in a Mexico market

Indigenous in Alausi, Ecuador

Women working in a Ecuador market

Photo credits: Felzum.
  • Felzum

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June 20, 2016

I do like the first one!


June 09, 2016

Looks good for isolating your subject!
Great images and portfolio!!


June 08, 2016

Thanks Mariayunira and Gauravjdo2014


June 08, 2016

Very artistics!


June 08, 2016

Thanks for Your Article.It is useful