Making Best of a Bad Situation

Sinking house boat

What is a bad situation? Was it an expected result or plan that didn't happen as predicted? Was it a client's need of attributes that were not found? Did it all of a sudden started raining when a sunny day seemed obvious? ... or did you just ran out of batteries ... well, in all cases this is life a place through time that is full of change and surprises.

Are there specific solutions to every unforeseen problem?

Well, if you are shooting portraits and the background was contrasting to the theme, one can always lay down and take the shot upwards to avoid background and instead get photos without it or simply use the widest aperture possible ... but that is one specific easy situation.

Plan B for no toilet paper

Say you ran out of batteries ... you forgot to charge them ... what do you do, well in that case a plan B should have been a backup. Having extra, charged, batteries is a must ...

Say its noon sunny because you ran late for landscape photography that even using ND filter won't do much? If I were in that scenario, I'd exaggerate the mood to make it look even hotter. Either overexpose or do that and add more reds and yellows in post; doing so makes it feel intentional and therefore the problem fades into a convincing result. That is one solution and one might have another.

It is like daily living. Sometimes problems are needed for a solution to exist ... not only for that obvious problem, but for more underlying layers of those that may as well be resolved. If it weren't for that noon sun, I wouldn't have tried that alternative method and get an unexpected result.

Saying all that, a problem is our friend for it gives us new insights and widen our spectrum of possibilities ... Those obstacles will be rendered obsolete and merely become part of the whole process.

Beach sand footprints woman legs walking relaxing

Hope you find solutions to problems you encounter in photography and life as a whole :)

Photo credits: Flynt, Martinmark, Tim Van Der Hulst.

Your article must be written in English

June 21, 2019


Excellent article! Thanks for sharing!

June 20, 2019


great perspective! love the images you used to go with the article 

June 19, 2019


Good thinking. My personal view is that a photographer must learn to make the  most of any situation, especially bad lighting. 

June 12, 2019


I love the thought experiment of how to make the less-than-ideal situation work for me.  Good mind bender!!  Creative photo's, too!

June 10, 2019


Much of the fun in photography is working out the problems and how we can improve an image, or take a better image the next time. Nice blog Ghassan and good pics.

June 06, 2019


Thanks Eliane and William :)

June 05, 2019


Some very clever and powerful photos to illustrate your article. Great job! William 

May 28, 2019


Photography and life idea was like a revelation for me, brought about by another friend! Great blog, as usual :)

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