Making Hot Pictures

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© Espion ( Help)
No, no I don't mean making a sure commercial hit.

I was referring to making still life pictures of Habanero chilies.

I realised no two chilies are the same.

It is almost like photographing people, where you try to eke out the essence, or part thereof, that is the individual, in your pictures.

And so it was as good as doing portraiture for me.

And it was just as fun.

But then I asked, "Can these sell?"

© Espion ( Help)
© Espion ( Help)
I suppose anyone can duplicate the light, the arrangement, and the background.

But then no two chilies are the same.

So there can be plenty of still life of chilies, and there are chances that each is unique.

But there will also be plenty for a buyer to choose from.

A quick search on Dreamstime revealed that there are over 200 pictures with Habanero as one of its keywords.

A search on cinnamon on the other hand reveals thousands.

Maybe I should search before I shoot.

But I suppose there is some room for supply of Habanero chilies, yet.

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Photo credits: Lawrence Wee.